Meet our sponsor pup Wanya

Next Step Talent has been sponsoring KNGF pups for years! These puppies are trained by KNGF to for example become guide dogs or buddy dogs for their owners with PTSD, from their birth at a breeding family to their well-deserved retirement.

Currently, we sponsor Wanya, a pup which is 7 months old, born on the first day of 2022. She is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Golden retriever, an ideal combination for a service dog. We regularly receive updates from Wanya’s diary, filled with a lot of photo’s, videos, and stories. This time, the update came from France, where she is staying with her puppy foster family. Luckily, Wanya is welcome there in many shops, cafes, restaurants, and museums. She is already learning a few basic skills so she can slowly start to prepare for her real training to service dog.

When Wanya is 2 years old, she will start this training. After that, she is truly ready to begin her career. As Next Step Talent we are happy to support her excellent caretaking and her training.

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